About Fibreline - Creators of 'Encore'

Company profile

Fibreline Ltd has a long and distinguished history. Founded in 1982 the company pioneered the use of carded synthetic fibres in upholstery cushions and has grown to be the largest independently owned upholstery cushion fillings manufacturer in the UK.

Today, Fibreline can offer its customers unparalleled quality not only in fibre but also in foam and feather fillings.

Our work with furniture retailers

Fibreline understands the needs of the industry and is geared to satisfying those needs. Whether it be quick and accurate prototype production, or meeting very specific delivery instructions, you can rest easy in the knowledge that our experience and professionalism will not let you down. "Customer Service" are not just words with us. They are something that we have built our business on.

Fibreline Ltd
Victoria Park Mills
HardIngs Rd
BD21 3ND

Tel 01535 681218

Fax 01535 611265

Email: sales@fibreline-ltd.co.uk

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